Thursday, October 19, 2017

US vs UK (Part one) Entry-level engines

Have you ever wondered what an entry-level Volkswagen Golf looks like in UK vs what we get here in the US? Well fret not here is our blog focusing on entry-level engines offered in UK vs US.

2015 Volkswagen Golf (5G) 103TSI R-Line 5-door hatchback (2016-04-07) 01.jpg

Volkswagen Golf (U.S. vs U.K.)
Golf S (U.S.) 1.8t 170hp ($19,895)
Golf S (U.K.) 1.0t 83hp ($23,743)

The 1-liter turbocharged three-cylinder sold in Europe has 129lb-ft torque at low revs. It has diesel like torque which should help it feel flexible around town and on the highway. This engine only comes with a five-speed manual gearbox which is the proper way to go with this engine. We find it quite interesting that despite it being more expensive than the U.S. version, this engine has really low running costs and still seems decently kitted.

2012 BMW 320d (F30 MY13) Luxury Line sedan (2015-07-24) 01.jpg

BMW 3-series Sedan (U.S. vs U.K.)
320i (U.S.) 2.0t 180hp ($33,450)
318i (U.K.) 1.5t 136hp ($33,124)

The 318i sedan uses the same engine from the Cooper trim that’s sold here. It’s a 1.5 turbo three-cylinder which is great in the Mini Cooper Hardtop 5-door. It’s an interesting option for the entry-level 3-series considering that it’s a larger vehicle, but the rear-wheel-drive platform should make it more fun to drive.

Mercedes CLA (US vs UK)
CLA 250 (US) 2.0t 208hp ($32,700)
CLA 180 (UK) 1.6t 122hp ($32,577)

We do complain about how Europe gets better product than us, but with an engine like this and a price tag as steep as ours. We should be happy this CLA 180 stayed in Europe, however with stricter emissions standards coming. We too could be seeing less is more aspect of new engines. The turbo really does give low-end torque so it shouldn’t feel too weak but a 86hp drop won’t go unnoticed.

2015 Toyota Yaris (NCP130R) Ascent 5-door hatchback (2015-07-14) 01.jpg

Toyota Yaris
L (US) 1.5-liter 106hp ($16,375)
Active (UK) 1-liter 69hp ($16,079)

The Yaris sold here gets 37hp for $296 more than the UK version which has only 69hp. The standard 5-speed manual gearbox should help make it feel peppy around town. Running costs on the Euro version should be way lower than the US version in theory, but if we had this engine here. You’ll have to really thrash it to keep up with traffic and that means that you won’t be driving it as economically as it should be driven.

Jaguar XE
25t (US) 2.0t 247hp ($35,725)
20d (UK) 2.0d (diesel) 163hp ($36,412)

Jaguar already offers a fantastic diesel engine here for about $2-3k more than the 2-liter turbo. The diesel engine we get is also a 2-liter but pumps out 180hp instead of the more efficient 163hp found in this example here and it also is the base engine for those in the UK. We loved the 2-liter diesel engine that was offered in the Passat here because it had such high torque at low revs and never felt underpowered. The XE here may not be to everyone’s taste considering that it’s near $40k with only 163hp but with such a premium feeling interior and the looks of a Jaguar. It’s basically a win – win when you think about it.

Honda Civic 1.5 VTEC 1498cc registered March 2017.jpg
Honda Civic Hatch
LX (US) 1.5T 174hp ($19,700)
SE (UK) 1.0T 127hp ($24,021)

The trend we are starting to notice here is that turbocharged three-cylinders are starting to make a comeback in Europe. The 1-liter turbo three cylinder offered in UK could serve as a great engine option in the Honda Fit to rival the Ford Fiesta Ecoboost three-cylinder engine. Also, it would be quite an interesting option against the Focus here as well. We know that the 2-liter is plenty efficient, but if Honda ever did decide to bring the Civic Hybrid back. This engine coupled with an electric motor would be a great start.

2017 Land Rover Discovery HSE TD6 Automatic (01).jpg

Land Rover Discovery
SE (US) 3-liter supercharged 340hp ($49,990)
S (UK) 2-liter Sd4 240hp ($60,539)

It really doesn't surprise us that the Discovery is far more expensive in the UK than in the US considering the vast number of stringent fuel economy and emissions standards. What we would love to see here is that 2-liter turbo-diesel engine. We've had the opportunity to drive on in the Velar and it is a great engine and should be optional on at least the Disco Sport.

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