Monday, July 10, 2017

A New Horizon for Flyleaf

A polite way to say goodbye ***

Flyleaf’s last album with lead singer Lacey seems rather sad than the uplifting title New Horizons suggest. But once you listen to the first few tracks, you’ll realize where the concept of this album is heading to. It’s not the edgy and high energy songs of their first self-titled album, nor as experimental as the second album Memento Mori. It’s sort of like reading a graduation speech for the fans, each song just feels like they are slowly drifting into different directions. Does this mean that Flyleaf will be no more? Well there’s always a hopeful chance that the band will become like Animals as Leaders and just have all instrumental tracks. Even though that’s wishful thinking, the possibility of that could eventually emerge if the band doesn’t find a lead singer to replace Lacey..

New Horizons starts off with Fire – Fire, which is a great album starter. The song kind of reminds you of Beautiful Bride mixed with Cassie. It’s a very guitar heavy track and Lacey’s vocals seem strong with lyrics at times sounding repetitive. Somehow you forgive the lyrics as the song’s energy really does help you forget that. New Horizons is also a good track. It’s not the in your face song like I’m So Sick or All Around Me. The song itself just feels appropriate for the band and the message they are trying to put out there with this album. The lyrics themselves are very interesting and the fact that it leaves you wanting more than what the song offers somewhat disappoints a little. Fire, Fire is another example of Beautiful Bride which invites the male band members to sing the chorus and backing vocals in the song. It’s a unique touch and doesn’t feel as clumsy as Beautiful Bride in structure. It’s a great song and of course the message again is clear in this song.

A track favorite of mine is Calling You Out. The lyrics and the angry tone of the song does is what makes it a very interesting listen on the album. I really do enjoy the message of the song and that’s the truth will always come out no matter how much you lie. (Of course that may not be the exact meaning of the lyrics. But then again they are many interpretations of the lyrics). New Horizons is a great album and a great way to say farewell to Lacy their former lead singer. This album may not be as good as their first self-titled album, or as experimental as the Memento Mori. For what the album offers it’s a great listen and has its moments.

Devon M

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