Saturday, October 14, 2017

It's not a Honda Accord/ Toyota Camry (we critique family-sedans)

2015 Subaru Liberty (MY15) 2.5i Premium sedan (2015-06-03) 01.jpg

Subaru Legacy 

Likes: The only mid-sized sedan with standard all-wheel drive and bullet proof reliability. Subaru has finally improved interior quality and the engines both offer respectable running costs. 

Dislikes: It's rather bland to look at, and there's no more turbo engine option. Headlights are overly sensitive in auto setting. 

Overall: Despite what most people think, the Subaru Legacy is a great option for those who really do need all-wheel-drive and don't want to option for a crossover. It may not be as functional as a wagon but it surely does fit the bill well. 

Volkswagen Passat 

Likes: 1.8 turbo engine offers decent flexibility and low running costs, while the 3.6 can satisfy the power hungry crowd. The rear seat is roomy while the boot space is enormous. 

Dislikes: The driving experience matches the looks, both are bland at best. The 4-motion all-wheel-drive is no longer optional and we would love to see the wagon return. 

Overall: The Euro Passat is so much classier inside and out. We beg you Volkswagen can the next Passat we get look as classy!

'16 Nissan Altima.jpg
Nissan Altima 

Likes: The standard 2.5 may not seem like much on paper but it offers a really nice blend in performance and running costs. The interior is roomy for five with a boot that's generous in space. 

Dislikes: You'll have to climb all the way up to the 2.5 SR to get standard alloy wheels. The 3.5 six-cylinder feels way too powerful for its chassis. Steering feedback is almost lifeless. 

Overall: The Altima isn't all that bad but it's not great either. 

2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid trim.jpg
Ford Fusion

Likes: The ecoboost four-cylinder engines all offer the flexibility that you'd want with low running costs that you need. Despite the mild facelift, the Fusion still looks fresh compared to many keen rivals. 

Dislikes: Don't buy the Fusion hybrid it's a false economy. It's not as refined as a Honda Accord or Volkswagen Passat. 

Overall: The Fusion Sport is quite literally better than the Nissan Maxima, while everyone else will be happy with the Titanium trim if you're willing to dish out the cash for it. 

2017 hyundai sonata front-side.png

Hyundai Sonata 

Likes: It's still stylish despite the mild restyles that it has received. The rear seat is very spacious and the boot offers decent space as well. The mainstream versions aren't bad but acceleration is pokey, the turbo engine is smoother but reliability is iffy. 

Dislikes: Residuals are worrying. We've heard many horror stories about long-term reliability. 

Overall: We love how Hyundai has progressed as an automaker, but after the several horror stories of engine failure. We certainly question if the Sonata is a smart buy. 

20160619 Chevrolet Malibu 01.jpg

Chevy Malibu 

Likes: Interior built quality has improved dramatically and the engines that are offered are all decent in flexibility and low in running costs. 

Dislikes: It can get expensive quickly and the expensive trims are the ones many will want. Typical GM having an interior that looks similar to at least three other cars. 

Overall: GM has improved their products, but nothing about them feel special. 

2014 Mazda6 Shoot (8931344459) (cropped).jpg

Mazda 6 

Likes: The most fun to drive family-sedan you can buy. It feels the quickest and has the lowest running costs. The best interior of the price segment. 

Dislikes: No turbo engine option. 

Overall: This is quite literally the benchmark of family-sedans. It's quick on its feet, offers a driving experience that's so rewarding that others can't quite match. We just wish that it had a more powerful engine option to really go toe to toe with Ford and Volkswagen. 

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