Saturday, October 7, 2017

Pathological test drives the XC60 (Used)

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Volvo has a pretty good track record when it comes to 4x4s so when Volvo launched the XC60. They claimed it was the safest and most stylish of the bunch, does that claim still hold up today? Tough gig!

Avoid the entry-level T5 and go right for the T6 as it offers hot hatch performance with the added bonus of all-wheel-drive for extra traction when needed. We know that most people won't really care for all-wheel-drive in this case however, but that 2-liter turbo four in the T5 is just okay in front-wheel-drive configuration. But we think that it's worth spending the extra cash for the T6. You can choose both engines in the Dynamic or Inscription trims. The R-design only comes with the T6 engine and all-wheel-drive, and you get a snazzy looking body-kit and larger alloys. Our tester car was the T6 AWD Dynamic which offered decent kit and managed to undercut the BMW X3, it may not be as sharpest to drive as the X3 but it certainly has an appeal that you can't really find in its German Rivals.

The XC60 doesn't drive like other crossovers, it feels more comfortable and secure which is perfectly fine with us. It's not trying to pretend to be something that it's not. Steering feedback isn't the greatest and well the suspension like we mentioned earlier is more aimed at security rather than agility. People who buy this car or are tempted to buy this car won't be doing any of the such. The engines seem smooth for the most part unless you decide to put your foot down and you'll instantly know that it is a four-cylinder under that bonnet.

The infotainment system is pretty much straight forward in approach and well it does so in the classiest way possible. It is simply Scandinavian all over and we love it! The front seats offer the comfort that you'd expect from Volvo and the second row seats are just as comfortable in legroom and headroom. The boot space is very practical and when you fold down those rear seats you've got yourself a cargo van.

The XC60 comes well kitted for the money and is pretty hard to ignore considering that you'll also get some nice discounts. Some may want to wait for the next generation of the XC60 because it is even more stylish than the outgoing model and offers updated engine options as well. The Dynamic trim we had comes with 18-inch alloys, active dual xenon headlights, front park assist, Harmon kardon premium sound system and collision warning with full auto brake and pedestrian/cyclist detection. It does push the price up a bit steeply, but when you consider the amount of kit that is comes with it you'll probably be swayed away from the Audi Q5 and BMW X3. We certainly were if we were looking for a crossover in this price category.

The new XC60 is literally around the corner and well for those who are itching for a new crossover now will love that this XC60 comes with discounted prices, even though it's an older design. We still do say consider buying one if this XC60 tickles your fancy, otherwise wait for the newer one it looks very promising.

Likes: Still classy after all these years. Standard kit is very generous and it doesn't pretend to be something it's not in driving impressions.

Dislikes: It's starting to show its age.

Our pick: Go right for the Dynamic T6 AWD. You won't regret it.

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