Friday, November 17, 2017

Numero CINCO!


Not often can one come up with a definite answer to a question that can never be fully answered. Well let's back up, the question is - - "What's your top 5 favorite songs?". Yeah, I know that means you'll have to put your thinking caps on for this one! It's really hard trying to go through a steadily growing list of artist and pick your top favorites. You can have several or even hundreds of different artist that you like. But to pick that one to be called a top. That's truly a task beyond tasks. Unless you're just one of those who listen to one artist and like only one song. Then you would be missing the point, and there would be no real reason for you to continue reading. That makes you the weakest link, goodbye! But for those who actually care and are interested in knowing what I picked as my "Top 5". Keep reading and soon you shall discover the truth.

5) Arcade Fire, "Cold Wind" (2005)
Although there is no definite answer to what the true meaning to the song is. There's a sense of mystery hidden behind the lead singer's cracked-vocals. Not featured on any of their studio albums. "Cold Wind" is one of the best songs by Arcade Fire. It's a good Indie song that stands out from the bunch.

4) Nirvana, "All Apologies" (1993)
One of the best songs by Nirvana. Not because it was played on "Six Feet Under". But the songs is still great. Interesting lyrics and a hardcore edgy style music structure. The song was dedicated to Kurt Cobain's wife and daughter. To summarize the song, "peaceful, happy and comfort".

3) Radiohead, "Creep" (1994)
The song starts off rather mellow with depressing lyrics. As the chorus approaches. Jonny Greenwood plays three dead notes on his guitar as the chorus roars in. In retrospect however, just from those "dead notes" being played. That 'human error' really made the song. The whole song itself is very nicely arranged. Although it was considered to depressing to be mainstream. It's still one of the best by Radiohead

2) Flyleaf, "Tiny Heart" (2009)
Flyleaf is known for hardcore edgy rock songs. But going from hardcore loud to mellow alternative sounding isn't easy. But "Tiny Heart" does this with a good sound. The lyrics are very straight forward. With great vocals and nicely done song structure. When you can make a mellow song sound just as good as your hardcore ones. Then you're on the right track.

1) The Beatles, "She Said, She Said" (1966)
This song has an interesting origin. John Lennon and Peter Fonda were on an Acid Trip. When Peter Fonda told John Lennon he knew what it was like to be dead. After this statement. John was freaked out and decided to write a song based on that statement. That's how the song came to life. With backing vocals from George Harrison, this has to be one of the best examples of Acid Rock at its best.

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