Sunday, March 7, 2010

What's next after 'Neon Bible'?

Arcade Fire will release their third studio album in May 2010. This will be a follow-up to "Neon Bible" and will be preceded by a single - and the band's plan to headline at least one major summer festival. (Maybe Lollapolooza?) Although it has been two years since the band released their previous album. They haven't been resting their laurels. Violinist Sarah Neufeld and multi-instrumentalist Richard Parry released another album with their group, "Bell Orchestra", earlier this year. In October, Parry debuted a new orchestral work, for "Heart and Breath and Orcestra", which incorporated the musicians pulse and breath into the performance. So far all we know is the band is working on the new album, and working on ideas for new songs. They even teamed up with Markus Dravus (Coldplay's Engineer) whom has commented and said that so far what he has heard from the band seems to be on the right track. Also making comments that the sound is even better than their previous album. If all goes well, this maybe a great album in the works. Or another failed expirement. Either way, we'll just have to wait until the first single is released in the upcoming months to really determine if this will be indeed a noble effort from the quirky band known as Arcade Fire.

Devon M


Felipe said...

Better than their previous album? Hard to believe. And I love "Neon Bible" :)

Pathological Hate said...

I don't know if that's entirely true. I mean 'Neon Bible' was okay. 'Funeral' to me was the best. I'm still waiting and looking for the single that's supposedly to be released soon. So we will see.