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Interesting Song Facts

"Purple Haze" Jimi Hendrix
Purple Haze has been used to refer to LSD. Due to the form sold by Sandoz, called Delysid, which came in purple capsules. Purple Haze is a particular strand of marijuana noted for its 'purple' appearance. More credible reference such as the line from the song "kissing the sky" means 'to get high'.

"Lithium" Nivana
"Lithium" is often viewed as a song about a man who is on the brink of killing himself. But the true meaning of the song is about a guy who kills his wife. After the murder, the guy somehow manages to find god and sanity. For example, "I like it I'm not gonna crack" and "I killed you, I'm not gonna crack". "Lithium" is a drug used by doctors to control Manic-Depressive Disorder (Bipolar Depression).

"Cassie" Flyleaf
"Cassie" is a song about Cassie Bernall. A Student at Columbine High School who was killed in the massacre that occurred there. Her killer asked her if she believed in God. She answered "Yes" and he killed her with a single gunshot to the head. The line in the song "Do you believe in God" was asked by a student who survived the Columbine Massacre. Lacy Mosley (Lead Singer of FlyLeaf) thought it was cool these students stood up for what they believed in. Thus writing a song dedicated to those who died for what they believed in.

"Enter Sandman" Metallica
"Enter Sandman" was initially supposed to be about death. But the topic was changed to nightmares. Due to Metallics producer who thought "Death doesn't sell".
"Take my hand, we're off to Never Never Land" is a reference to "Peter Pan".
At 5:23 into the song, there's a rendition of an Ancient Children's pray performed by James Hetfield and the song of Metallica producer Bob Rock.

"Happiness Is a Warm Gun" The Beatles
Much of the song lyrics were about John Lennon's sexual passion for Yoko.
A popular theory is that Lennon used drug metaphors for doing heroin:
"Needing a fix", "Jump the gun" meaning cook it up.
"Bang, Bang, shoot, shoot" - "When I hold you in my arm, nobody can do me no harm" Heroin addicts tell how when you're on it. Nothing can do me no harm and Lennon's overall nature seems to point to this.

"Creep" Radiohead
Yorke says this is about being in love with someone, but not feeling good enough.
The three blast of guitar noise that precede the chorus was the result of Jonny Greenwood trying to sabotage a tune he considered too "wimpy".
Yorke claims he received fan mail from "murderers" saying how much they could relate to this song.

"Yellow" Coldplay
"Look at the stars, look how they shine for you" was written after looking up at the night sky while recording in Wales. Which during the time had a nice clear sky.
"Yellow" is a term that can mean cowardly or afraid. From the standpoint the singer could be afraid or nervous to show his love. But finally gets the nerve to express his love.
Lead singer Chris Martin has said the lyrics are about being devoted to someone, wanting to do anything for them.

"Holiday" Green Day
"Holiday" is about the American Government and society during the Iraqi War. It begins by commenting on how thousands of dead Americans and Iraqis are nameless to the average American Citizen. The song expresses resentment with the corporate greed.
This song is often considered an anti-American Song. But is really just an anti-war song.

"Beautiful Day" U2
This song is about a man who loses his material things and feels better because he realizes the value of what he has.
The song was inspired by Bono's experience with Jubilee 2000 (a Benefit urging politicians to drop the Third World Debt.)

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