Sunday, May 29, 2011

A bite of the forbidden fruit.

Volkswagen Bluemotion
What is it? An ultra fuel efficient line of vehicles. With emissions ratings lower than a hybrid. With improved aerodynamics to lower drag coefficiency and other fuel efficient technologies used in sports cars to improve fuel economy.
Why is it illegal? U.S. has strict emissions standards on diesel engines. This makes it harder for European Automakers to design diesel engines for the U.S.

Fiat Panda 4X4

What is it? Based upon a small car called the Panda that's sold everywhere but the U.S.

Why it should be sold here? It's a cheap alternate to a Jeep. With better gas mileage. The small size with short overhangs means its great off-road. This car can climb a 35-degree incline. With a few extra horsepower, it can tackle a Land Rover off-road.

Renault Wind
What is it? A small roadster designed to compete with the Mazda MX-5.

Why should it be sold here? It's a small hardtop convertible with more trunk space than your typical roadster. While not sacraficing driving performance. Its the sports car that's practical for everyday use.

Holden Ute
What is it? A pick-up truck based on a car platform.

Why should it be sold here? This kind of vehicle used to be sold in the U.S. It's a pick-up truck that can do what other pick-up trucks do. But its lighter and more fuel efficient than your typical pick-up truck. With modifications you can turn it into a performance pick-up with car-like dynamics.

Audi A1
What is it? Audi's Mini Cooper fighter.

Why should it be sold here? It's a Mini Cooper with a splash of style inside out. The interior is upscale Audi and the price is very low. It's perfect for congested urban areas.

BMW 1-series
What is it? A hatchback version of the 1 Series coupe.

Why should it be sold here? Other than the affordable base price, the 1-series hatch is rear wheel drive. Making it drive just as good as the other BMWs but with more praticality. A perfect rival to the Volkwagen GTI and Subaru Impreza.

Volvo V60
What is it? A station wagon form of the S60.

Why should it be sold here? Volvo Station Wagons are boxy and dull. This station wagon however is stylish without ditching the Volvo Philosphy of safety and versatility. Taking the wagon away is like taking the soul out of Volvo.

Volvo S80 DRIVe
What is it? An ultra fuel-efficient version of the S80 sedan.

Why is it illegal? Diesel engines have stricter emissions regulations in the U.S. than other markets. Thus these high mileage diesels are banned from the U.S.

Mercedes A-class
What is it? A hatchback that's as small as a Honda Fit. But has more versatility than a small MPV.

Why should it be sold here? The A-class should've been sold here under the Smart brand. Sold as the Forfour, Smart would've done way better with this hatchback than the Fortwo.

Alfa Romeo MiTo
What is it? Alfa Romeo's smallest hatchback.

Why should it be sold here? Alfa Romeo has some of the most stylish Italian cars sold. This Mini Cooper fighter will prove to be popular with buyers that are considering the Mini Cooper. Its tasteful and dashed with performance.

Citroen C1
What is it? A car shared with the Toyota Aygo and Peugeot 107.

Why should it be sold here? It's designed to be cheap. All this cost cutting features are unnoticed by the consumer. Its still fun to drive and offers more equipment than a Kia Rio. Plus its stylish a easy to park in the city. High mileage cars should be welcomed in the U.S.

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