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Paul is dead: Is it really a hoax?

In October of 1969 three weeks after the Beatle's celebrated Abbey Road album release. WKNR-FM's Russ Gibb took a call from a  man who identified himself as only 'Tom'. The Detroit deejay listened as the caller carefully laid out clues hidden in the Beatles' songs and album art. This indicated that Paul McCartney died on November 9, 1966 in an automobile accident. After the evidence was put together, the rumors began to fly and the great hoax came to life. Paul was replaced by a look a like. However, was this really a hoax? Or a well kept secret among the Beatles? 

The clues were pieced together from songs and album covers. Conspiracy buffs came up with this scenario. During the early-morning hours of November 9, 1966, Paul argued with his band mates in the studio while recording songs for their album Sgt. Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band album. He left in a hurry just before 5 a.m. While driving to a friend's house, Paul picked up a female hitchhiker who couldn't control her excitement when she realized who was behind the wheel. The female passenger began to grab Paul and hug him, causing Paul to lose control of his car and smash into a stone fence. Rita was able to escape the car before it burst into flames killing him. Paul was decapitated and burnt to a crisp, making a positive ID difficult. 

The Great Cover Up.

Paul's death couldn't be leaked to the media. Brian Epstein felt that many fans would be devastated and the end of the Beatles would result from this. In order to keep McCartney's death under wraps, the Beatles would need a look-alike to sub for him. It's said they found the perfect candidate in a actor named William Shears Campbell, the winner of a McCartney look-alike contest who resembled the singer so much that he was supposedly on the Beatles' payroll as a stand-in to throw off fans and the press. This name however can be heard in the 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' song: 

"So let me introduce to you/ The one and only Billy Shears" 

Rubber Soul (U.K.) was rumored to be photographed with distortion because the look-alike replacement didn't fully look like Paul yet. The angle of in which they are standing is rumored also that they group is standing over Paul's grave. The album's name was supposed to be 'Rubber Paul' because the look-alike had undergone plastic surgery to look like Paul. John and the others felt this wasn't the real Paul and began to express it. George Harrison felt the name would reveal too much and thus John renamed the album Rubber Soul. 

Songs from the album that were apparently written about Paul's Death. 
Drive My Car 
You Won't See Me 
Nowhere Man 
I'm looking Through You 

Yesterday and Today original album shows the two decapitated doll bodies on both Paul's shoulders. These indicate that Paul was decapitated in the car crash, and why George Harrison is holding a baby's head beside Paul's head. This album cover was later banned because they felt that the album would reveal that Paul is dead. Thus why the album cover was later replaced with this one below. 

The Album cover was replaced with this one shown above. You can see Paul is sitting inside of a trunk that is supposed to symbolize a coffin. Which was to hint that Paul was actually dead. John, George and Ringo are standing outside of the coffin because they are the only three remaining Beatles alive. 

I'm Only Sleeping: The song describes Paul while in his coffin. John said that Paul was only sleeping. 

Doctor Robert: The song is rumored to be about the surgeon who gave performed all the plastic surgeries on the Paul look-alike. 
(Doctor Robert/ You're a new a better man) 

Yesterday was written by John who was mourning the death of Paul. 

Act Naturally was written about the Beatles trying to act like the look-alike Paul was the real Paul. Thus going on with things as if Paul had never died. 

We Can Work It Out was written to show that the Beatles can move on with things even though Paul was dead. 

Revolver album cover was rumored to be drawn on because they feared people would figure out that the Paul look-alike wasn't the real Paul. Also it was rumored that Paul was still undergoing heavy plastic surgery to further make him look like Paul. Thus why you only see half of Paul's face in this album cover. When Paul was discovered in the car crash, one of his eyes had popped out of his face. This is why Paul's face is turned in the album to depict that Paul is in fact dead. The hand over Paul's head is said to be a way of saying someone has passed on, or someone has died. 

Eleanor Rigby was about Paul's funeral. It was only John, George and Ringo who attended Paul's funeral. No one else attended, thus why the song starts with "Ah look at all the lonely people". Father McCartney was going to be used in the song, but was later changed to Father McKenzie. 
"Father McKenzie wiping the dirt from hands as he walks from the grave/ no one was saved." 

Yellow Submarine was written about the grave yard that Paul was buried in. 
"In the land of Submarines" was all the coffins that were in the graveyard. 
"A sky of blue and a sea of green"was the graveyard which the three Beatles stood in during the funeral for Paul. 

I Want To Tell You 
"I want to tell you/ my head is filled with things to say/ when you're near/ all those words they seem to slip away" is indicating that George is having a hard time dealing with Paul being dead. Thus having nothing to say to the look-alike Paul who replaced him. 

Got to Get You into My Life is rumored about look-alike Paul's addiction to Pot, which he developed to deal with all the plastic surgery that he was undergoing. 

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover was depicting Paul's funeral. John inserted a message that indicated that Paul was dead. The statue that sits between the 'L' and 'E' is supposed to spell out the word 'lies'. The Guitar that was made out of flowers below Beatles is supposed to spell out 'Paul'. If you say the phrase 'Hear lies Paul' is being depicted on the album cover. There are only three strings on the guitar which indicates there are only three Beatles. 

On the album cover all there's a picture of Ringo, John and George grieving over the death of Paul. The people in the background were rumored to be all the people who would've attended Paul's funeral if he his death were made public. 

The inner sleeve was supposed to represent the car crash scene. Paul is bloody. 
The back cover of the album shows that Paul is facing away from the rest of the Beatles. The others felt that the look-alike Paul wasn't a real Beatles and asked him to turn away from the camera to show that there were only three 'real Beatles' instead of four. 

Getting Better is about the look alike Paul getting better at trying to be the 'real Paul' who had died. 

She's Leaving Home is about Paul leaving the studio after the argument. They changed it to 'she' so people wouldn't know that they were actually talking about Paul. 

Good Morning, Good Morning "Nothing to do to save his life" is about Paul being seen in the car crash and he was decapitated. So there was nothing they could do to save his life because he was dead.

Lovely Rita is about the hitchhiker Paul had picked up. "Took her home nearly made it" indicates that Paul and Rita were in a car crash and never made it to the destination that Paul was heading to.  

A Day In the Life "I read the news oh boy/ about a lucky man who made the grade" is clearly about Paul being in the car crash. "He blew his mind out in a car" indicates that Paul was decapitated in the car crash. 

Magical Mystery Tour album if turned upside down is supposedly spells out the number to a funeral home which Paul was taken to and was prepared at before he was buried. Paul in this picture is the Hippo with the huge hole in his chest, which depicts Paul's injury from the car crash. 

If you turn the album side ways looking at the back cover. You'll see the word RIP spelled out. Which was dedicated to Paul who was dead. 

Blue Jay Way 
'Paul is bloody' can he heard in the song. 

Strawberry Fields Forever 
'I buried Paul' 

After getting much heat about the clues John was placing in the albums about Paul's Death. The Beatles decided to just throw a blank album cover both front and back. However, that didn't keep John from writing songs to further hint clues that Paul was dead. 

While My Guitar Gently Weeps George is weeping 'Paul' towards the end of the song. 

Don't Pass Me By was written by Ringo and depicts Paul being in the car crash. 'I heard you were in a car crash and you lost your hair', when Paul was in a car crash he lost his head and was severely burned. 

Other songs rumored to be part part of the theory to Paul's Death. 

Why Don't We Do It in the Road? 
Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey

During the recording session of the album The Beatles went to India to see Maharishi. The Beatles thought they could get the spirit of Paul McCartney to enter the body of the fake Paul. However, they were unsuccessful and decided to go back. The look-alike Paul thought they were going to India to learn how to meditate. 

On the cover of the album Abbey Road, the band is photographed crossing Abbey Road in London outside of the British Music Company EMI Abbey Road Recording Studios. Paul is out of step with the other Beatles, barefoot and with his eyes closed. In may countries, including England bodies are buried shoeless. The Beatles are dressed on the cover are as followed: 

Lennon in white is the preacher. 
Starr in black is the undertaker. 
McCartney in the suit and barefoot is the corpse. 
Harrison in the blue jeans and work shirt is the grave digger. 

The license plate on the Volkswagen has 28 IF which is rumored to mean that Paul would've been 28 if he had survived the car crash. 

Maxwell was rumored to be the officer part of the MI5 (British Intelligence Unit) who was assigned to keep an eye out on the Beatles and make sure they kept their mouths shut about the death of Paul. 

Let it Be was the last album released by the Beatles. Paul's picture was shot in red and he faces away from everyone else in the album. This was supposed to mean that Paul wasn't a real Beatle thus he was told to face in an opposite direction. During the photo shooting of the album cover, Paul's chin began to fall apart due to the plastic surgery. This is why they put on the fake facial hair on Paul. They asked the other band members to grow their hair so they looked older to keep Paul from standing out. 

Is Paul really dead? 

A long going rumor that Yoko Ono had broke up the Beatles may actually be false. George decided that the Beatles had to break up because once the rumors were made public about Paul being dead. MI5 were going to kill John, George and Ringo because they revealed the secret to the public. Thus why they had Paul go out publically and reveal that he was in fact alive. During the time of fear, Paul fled to a small farm. John fled to the U.S. and married Yoko Ono in hopes that he would be saved from being killed. George Harrison made huge public appearances and wrote popular albums and songs in hopes that the MI5 wouldn't try to kill him.

"All we are saying is give peace a chance" 

John Lennon started to act insane along with Yoko Ono. He had hoped that if he appeared crazy, the MI5 would have no reason to kill him. Thus why John took interest in Yoko's screaming and calling it a new form of 'expression' in music. The FBI tried to deport John Lennon from the U.S. because the MI5 wanted him in London so John would be more vulnerably to being killed 

Paul McCartney had taken a liking to Linda who was a photographer for the band. George felt that this was too risky because she would find out that Paul really wasn't the real Paul. Paul who was falling for Linda ignored George's warning and continued his relationship with Linda. After a while, Linda slowly discovered that Paul wasn't really Paul and threatened to expose his secret unless he married her and helped her become famous like him. This is why Paul created the band Wings. 

John Lennon had threatened to expose the truth about how Paul McCartney was killed in a car crash and was replaced by a look-alike. George Harrison tried to warn John that if he did this he would be killed by MI5 who were looking for them. However, John didn't take in the warning and was later killed eight days later after talking to George Harrison. 

The biggest question still remains, is Paul McCartney really dead? Well this is certainly a fun theory to poke and and also very interesting to pull apart the lyrics and album covers art to find secret meanings. There is no definite answer whether or not Paul is really dead. We won't really know if Paul is really dead or not because these are merely conspiracy theories that were created by fans who really loved the band. Even to this day the theory is still alive and still going on strong, as many people think the real Paul is buried somewhere near Liverpool in a private unmarked grave. Did the Beatles really reveal that Paul was dead in their songs? Did the Beatles really split because of their fear of being killed by MI5? 

Questions that can't be answered because there are no definite answers. It's a very elaborate theory and will remain a mystery until more evidence is revealed or someone comes forward and speaks out. 

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