Tuesday, January 22, 2013

SPORTS FROM THE HIP: A Quick Look at the Sports Week That Was

The following is a collaborative effort as we look back at the week in sports. We only use one sentence or less, or your money back!

Pathological Hate
  • Lance Armstrong--The former Tour de France cyclist admitted to doping on the Oprah Winfrey Show: What are your thoughts on Lance Armstrong?
The guy is a fraud. (Felipe M)
Straight Shooter! (Johnny J)
Made cycling sexy, the OWN watchable, and the BBWAA bummed out he didn't play baseball so they could prove a point. (Donny R)
He didn't care what he had to do to reach the top and thoroughly convinced he believes what he did isn't cheating. (Dan P.)
To just call him a cheater would be an insult to the Pete Roses of the world. (C. McLain)
He was still whooping others who admitted doping as well. (Josh C)

He’s an attention whore. (Felipe M)
False award receiver (Johnny J)
He puts the BS in BCS. (Donny R)
 An idiot and will be a bust in the NFL. (Dan P.)
This story will be footnoted throughout his entire career. (C. McLain)
I still don’t know what to think/feel about this one. (Josh C)

  • The Atlanta Falcons ended another post-season in major disappointment: What do the Falcons have to do to get over the hump?
Not a single clue. (Felipe M)

Brand Nubian: "Punks jump up to get beat down," (Johnny J)
If Coca-Cola brought the '96 Olympics to the ATL, they can buy them a better secondary. (Donny R)
Play 60 minutes and, unfortunately, replace Tony Gonzalez. (Dan P.)
Coaching change (C. McLain)
Falcons need to shore up their defense and running games. (Josh C)

  • Tom Brady failed to get his team back into the Super Bowl. What do you think of Tom Brady's legacy now?
3-Time, Super Bowl Champ. (Felipe M)
Seventh round wonder! (Johnny J)
He won 3 Rings with a great receiving corps, couldn't wint with Moss, and once again he got some good WRs, but he still couldn't win the big game! (Donny R)
Give credit to the Ravens, but it really doesn’t tarnish Brady’s legacy (Dan P.)
Unchanged. (C. McLain)
Still one of the 3 greatest of all time. (Josh C)

Cautiously, skeptical on how good he really is. (Felipe M)
Welcome to Triple A son. (Johnny J)
The only thing I know less about Michael Morse is Morse code. (Donny R)
Speechless the Nationals dealt Morse over LaRoche--still in shock. (Dan P.)
What’s the Morse code for Déjà vu? (C. McLain)
Morse can rake. (Josh C)

Just call him, Kid Dynamite (KD)! (Felipe M)
Height always beats size! (Johnny J)
Imagine when this kid starts to play angry--scary! (Donny R)
Having one of the all-time best offensive seasons ever, yet he’s not even the best player in the league somehow (Dan P.)
Du·ran·tu·la-- Bite is believed to have deadly venom. (C. McLain)
Shocked that 52 is his career high--…..S….T……U…..D….. (Josh C)

  • The Baltimore Ravens will return to the Super Bowl. What are your thoughts on the Ravens' performance this post-season?
Clutch! (Felipe M)
Riding on Ray Lewis' emotions! (Johnny J)
We get it social media, Ray Lewis may have killed a guy, but coverage isn't fair to the rest of the Ravens. (Donny R)
Joe Flacco is playing as well as he's been telling everyone he is (Dan P.)
Who knew that Ray Lewis’ dances were to the Super Bowl gods? (C. McLain)
Kudos to the Ravens this postseason for being able to close out games after limping into the playoffs. (Josh C)

  • The SF 49ers return to the Super Bowl. What are your thoughts on the 49ers' performance this post-season?
Amazing teamwork. (Felipe M)
Thanks for shaking those pom-poms, Alex Smith. (Johnny J)
They have a shut down defense, are electric on offense--there's a lot to like on this team (Donny R)
At times they look like one of the best teams ever and other times they look like the Chicago Bears (Dan P.)
Those who can, do... Those who can’t, teach” - Jim Harbaugh? (C. McLain)
Electric! (Josh C)

Part II is available here. 

Donny Rodriguez is part of the sketch comedy troupe, Wood Sugars and covers the Chicago Bulls for Gapers Block. Follow him on Twitter, here.

Dan Plotsky is one of the most knowledgeable fans out there and previously helped Pathological Hate contribute to The Curious Case of: Tyreke Evans.

Josh C. is a very opinionated sports fan and, currently, a very disgruntled Sacramento Kings' fan. 

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