Thursday, November 16, 2017

Devon has a hoot with the Chevy SS

The Pontiac G8 brought hotrod V8 muscle with a bargain basement price. It was a real gem and offered the most bang for your buck. Sadly Pontiac was discontinued and the G8 was never continued on until now. The Chevy SS which GM hopes will continue the success that the G8 was much raved about. But is it just a lost cause?
On the road: The massive 6.2-liter LS3 eight-cylinder produces 415hp. Although this is the only engine choice available for the SS it’s actually quite entertaining to drive. Press hard and the SS emits a lovely V8 rumble that’s contagious. It screams for revs and loves the highway where it is a total hoot to drive. The SS has a limited slip differential which helps make the SS surprisingly easy to drive on twisty narrow roads. Brembo brakes are fitted standard in case you ever get too aggressive with the go-fast acceleration.
Behind the wheel: The front seats are very comfortable with plenty of support. The dashboard design is rather plain looking but is very user friendly to navigate through. Passenger space is very generous and the boot is absolutely enormous. The SS comes loaded with standard kit. HID headlights, 18-inch alloy wheels, 8-inch touch screen display come standard as well as leather appointed seats, Bluetooth and 10-way power adjustable driver seat and passenger seat.
Buying & owning: The SS won’t be cheap to run because of the massive eight-cylinder engine which will guzzle gas if you drive it the way it was intended to be driven, like a hooligan. But at least it is fun to drive and its price of admission is actually relatively low. The interior won’t feel world class but the materials used feel sturdy and long lasting. Plus reliability of its Vauxhall counterpart has been good so we see no reason why the SS shouldn’t be good too. Eight airbags comes standard as well as stability control and forward collision alert. Blind spot warning detection is standard as well as lane departure warning. Deadlocks and theft deterrent with alarm system are fitted as standard to keep theft at bay.
Overall: The Chevy SS is a real hooligan on the highway. The lovely rumble from the V8 is contagious and there’s plenty of grip too. If you want that muscle V8 sedan for a relatively low price look no further.
Likes: Total hoot to drive and the V8 emits the most contagious rumble. Not only is it fast but it has bucket loads of grip.
Dislikes: Running cost and limited availability are the only two we can really think of.

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