Monday, July 9, 2018

Devon is impressed with the Mazda 6

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If you’re in the market for a mid-sized family sedan, your first choice would be either the Toyota Camry or Honda Accord. However, if you’re only aware of those two choices, you’ll be missing out on the vast number of offerings in this segment. One of them being the unjustly ignored Mazda 6, in our opinion is the best money can buy. Here’s why:

The Mazda 6 can only be had with a 2.5 four-cylinder engine pumping out 185hp. It may not seem like much but this engine really is up for the job. It offers plenty of flexibility around town and on the highway, plus it has low running costs which makes it one of the better overall values compared to most in the competition. We know that it doesn’t offer a turbocharged four-cylinder like the Fusion or a six-cylinder like the Honda Accord. But not everyone cares about horsepower figures, it’s all about the driving experience and with the Mazda 6 you surely won’t be let down.

Steering input is so smooth and responsive that you’ll think this were a sports car rather than a four-door sedan. Handling and ride comfort has a near perfect balance. Some may find that there’s a bit more road noise than some of its keen rivals, but this is far from a deal breaker. Overall refinement of the cabin is top notch and comparable to even some of the more established offerings.

Slip behind the wheel of the Mazda 6 and you’ll be greeted with what we think is the best interior of the segment. The controls and dials are all laid out logically and are within easy reach of the driver’s hand. The driver’s seat and passenger seat are both comfortable and offer plenty of support, while rear passengers get plenty of space. A third person may find some discomfort with the transmission tunnel and somewhat lacking of an actual middle seat. The boot space is generous too but not as flexible as a hatchback or wagon. But that is merely nit picking at best.

The Mazda 6 can be had with three trim levels. Entry-level sport comes with auto-off headlights, cruise control, Bluetooth hands free connectivity for your mobile device and push button ignition switch. You’ll have to step up to touring to get 19inch alloy wheels, automatic climate control and Mazda Advanced Keyless Entry system. Top of the range grand touring gets LED headlights, Bose sound system and leather trimmed seats.

The Mazda 6 really does offer a compelling option for those who enjoy driving and don’t want to conform to the usual class favorites from Toyota and Honda. It’s sporty to drive, has low running costs and is an overall stylish package that’s well equipped. How this isn’t gaining much attention baffles even us, because many are seriously missing out on the most multi-talented options out there. This is worthy of being on your short list indeed.

Likes: Engaging driving experience. Stylish inside and out, standard kit is generous and running costs are low.

Dislikes: There’s no wagon, all-wheel-drive or turbocharged four-cylinder engine to option for.

Devon's choice: The touring trim is the pick of the range. It offers slightly more kit than the sport trim and isn't as expensive as the grand touring.

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