Sunday, July 22, 2018

The Mazda Miata is a real gem

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The Mazda Miata is one car that every driving enthusiast should test drive or own in their lifetime.

The sole engine option for the Miata is a 2-liter four-cylinder pumping out 155hp. It may not sound like much but trust us when we say that it is plenty. The Miata is lightweight which translates to a 0-60mph timing of just 5.8 seconds which is wicked fast in our books. It doesn’t have the torque of a turbocharged engine but it certainly has the revs which makes it sounds so much better than any turbo engine we’ve driven. We didn’t get the chance to test drive the Miata with a manual gearbox but from what we’ve heard it really is the only way to go with this vehicle. The auto gearbox does the job good but it doesn’t replace a manual gearbox and it makes us want to go back and try to test drive one with a manual gearbox to compare between the two.

Driving the Miata is a unique driving experience in which we will never forget. The steering feedback is so linear and responsive that it can make many expensive options look overpriced. The chassis is the sweet spot on the Miata, we were able to sling it into corners and bends with pure confidence and with the amount of horsepower the engine produced it didn’t feel underpowered. Some will say that a turbo engine would be nice but we say the turbo engine is best ditched because this engine is just silky smooth and revs so sweetly. There is some wind noise that intrudes into the cabin as well as some road noise but it is far from a deal breaker.

The interior doesn’t feel as cramped as you’d expect a small roadster to feel. The driver and passenger seats both offer plenty of support and adjust ability. You won’t feel snugged inside the cabin with the roof up either, although taller drivers may want to test out headroom with the top up to see if they are still comfortable. Over the shoulder visibility is good while overall visibility outward to the rear is a little compromised but luckily there is parking sensors to help take the sting out of that. The Miata really isn’t a large car to begin with so you shouldn’t struggle much at all parking it. The infotainment system is actually quite easy to use with many of the menus easy to find but it can be a bit distracting while on the go. Also, the materials used inside of the cabin feel top-notch. Something you would expect from Mazda and after all they do have some of the best interiors for their price range. The boot space is adequate, but let’s face it people aren’t buying this car for practicality.

The Grand Touring trim which was our tester car came equipped with LED headlights, auto-dimming driver’s mirror, 17-inch alloys and leather trimmed sports seats. You also get a 7-inch touch screen display, keyless entry and rain sensing windshield wipers. The cheapest Miata you can buy is the Sport Trim which for many people is enough while the Club Trim does offer a bit more kit standard for not too much more cash. We’d certainly choose between those two trims with a six-speed manual gearbox rather than this configuration that we had as a tester, it’s nothing wrong with it but we’d ditch the auto gearbox.

The Miata is one of those vehicles you have to test drive or own before you go to your grave. It’s really a special vehicle that every driving enthusiasts will love; pure driving pleasure that’s simple and yet elegant. Bravo Mazda!

Likes: It handles like a dream. Engine doesn’t have much oomph but it makes up for that with excellent driving dynamics. Low running costs.

Dislikes: We didn’t bother listing any because they’re most likely just nitpicking. It really is that good.

Our pick: Go right for the entry-level Club Trim which seems to offer decent value for the money. Ditch the auto gearbox and go for the manual, you’ll save money and also you’ll enjoy the Miata even more.


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