Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Volvo V90 CC is the best

The chances of Abba returning as a death metal band are higher than that of Volvo doing anything radical with its large wagons. The V90 Cross-country is proof of this. It’s stylish and luxurious with very little sport.

The sole 2-liter turbocharged/supercharged four-cylinder engine does a fine job of making the V90 CC feel flexible and comfortable to drive. However, we wish that the engine was more refined because it just doesn’t fit the luxury price tag that the V90 CC commands. Driving around town the V90 CC does feel comfortable and luxurious with light steering and easy to maneuver chassis. It doesn’t feel as daunting to drive as the size would suggest. We do recommend everyone to get the air-suspension, because in comfort mode the V90 CC feels like a dream car to drive. It’s a very pricey option but it just feels so worth spending the extra cash on. Steering feedback is not as sharp as you’d find on a BMW but it does the job good enough and well for those choosing this raised wagon it’s probably enough, it surely was for us.

We do love the infotainment system and the fit and finish the materials used feel high quality. Our only complaint is the several menus that can get very distracting while on the go. The front seats offer superb comfort while those in the rear will find plenty of comfort; however the large transmission tunnel does hamper space for the middle man. The boot space is very generous and with the rear seat folded down you’ve got yourself a cargo van.

Since there is only one trim, it is a very well equipped trim at that. 19-inch alloy wheels, Full-LED headlights, blind spot monitoring system and a laminated panoramic sunroof all come standard. You’ll have to pay extra for a 360 surround view camera, Park assist pilot  and graphical head up display. Our tester car came equipped with nearly every option we could imagine but the price tag was pretty hefty too at nearly $70k.

We didn’t get the chance to take the V90 CC off-road or any light off-road stuff. The all-wheel-drive did provide the traction needed especially when driving through the heavy rain storm that we encountered. The V90 CC really is in a class of its own. It’s stylish, comfortable and offers light off road use if needed. We just wish that the engine was more refined.

Likes: Stylish inside and out with plenty of practicality. Volvo’s legendary safety reputation lives on strongly in this example.

Dislike: Engine needs more refinement. Pretty pricey compared to the XC90.

Our pick: There’s only one trim and well that’s your only choice. You can option it out if you choose but that will make it pretty pricey compared to an XC90 with the same engine. We do however suggest getting the popular package and air-suspension which will keep the price within reason.

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