Friday, September 15, 2017

Eddie Kendricks (Songs that should've been released as singles)

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Eddie Kendricks will forever be known for being in the singing group The Temptations. Little do people know that he ventured into a solo career in 1971 and well quite frankly didn’t gain much momentum other than a few songs that went number one such as Keep on Truckin’, Boogie Down, and Shoeshine Boy. We decided to dig through his music catalog and pull out the gems that we think should’ve gotten much more attention than they did. Here is our top ten list of Eddie Kendrick’s songs that should’ve been more popular than they were at the time of release.

I did it all for you (1971 All by myself)
It’s so hard for me to say goodbye was the first song to be released from his first solo album All by myself. While the song did enjoy mild popularity, I did it all for you would’ve been a much better song for Eddie as his first single. It really does display his vocal abilities and how he has moved on from The Temptations. Most importantly it’s a far better song overall.

I’m on the sideline (1972 People… hold on!)
There are a few gems on this album that should’ve gotten way more attention than they received. I’m on the sideline is one of them. It sounds like a song that could be played during a halftime show for a football game or soccer game. It has an uptempo beat and Eddie’s duet with himself is just spot on good.

Let me run into your lonely heart (1972 People… hold on!)
Another hidden gem on People… hold on! Is Let me run into your lonely heart. This song has such a funky disco-like beat. This is one of the few Eddie songs that are guitar heavy and could’ve been easily released instead of Eddie’s Love. Nothing wrong with that track, but this track really does display his natural tenor and is another gem that should’ve gotten more attention than it did.

Only room for two (1973 Eddie Kendricks)
This LP as considered Eddie at the height of his career, Keep on Truckin’ was a #1 hit single. Darling come back home was released prior to Keep on Truckin’, but that song could’ve been easily ditched for Only room for two. Maybe at the time they didn’t think this would be radio popular, but we personally think it would’ve charted a lot higher. Lyrically and instrumentally Only room for two doesn’t sound like anything else in that time and still sounds fresh today. It’s a shame that hidden gems like this continue to be hidden.

 Nothing is real (Unreleased track)
This is probably one of the moodiest songs I’ve ever heard from Eddie. It features an electric guitar and the lyrics are all about a break up that the singer (or protagonist) can’t get over. I love the haunting melody and how towards the end the guitar solo just goes with the whole mood of the song. It wasn’t even released as a single or on any LP, and it is truly a shame because this literally is my favorite song by Eddie hands down next to the fragile ‘Intimate Friends’. 

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