Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Weird foods from Japan

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It may look like the Squid is still alive but we can assure you that it is dead. The brain is pulled out but what gives this dish such a unique appeal is when you pour soy sauce on it. The Squid begins to squirm and wriggle as if it is still alive. The reaction is an automatic response to the salt in the soy sauce. Be careful on those tentacles because many have suffocated and died when the tentacle latches itself onto your airway and tries to choke you to death.
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Natto is very popular in Japan, it's basically fermented soy beans that's served with soy sauce. This dish has an acquired taste due to strong flavor and a pungent smell (similar to a strong cheese) and slimy texture that is hard for anyone outside of Japan to stomach.

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This is not a dish for the faint of heart. Inago No Tsukudani is considered a delicacy which is boiled locusts that's been stewed in sweetened soy. This is a very popular dish in rural areas of Japan and well to be honest I'm glad it hasn't gained much traction here.

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Picture yourself having a few beers with friends in Japan and you start to get a little hungry. One of your friends orders a Hachinoko for the group. It may sound like some kind of dish worth trying until you figure out what the fuck it really is. It's deep fried bee larvae that's friend in soy sauce and sugar to give them a nice crunch. The best way (according to sources) is to eat these while sipping a nice beer. I'll have to have at least four or five beers before I would even consider trying to stomach something like this.

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After a wild night of drinking and well you wake up and want to have a nice breakfast. You sit down at the table to find fish swimming around your eggs. Yes the dish that you've just awoken to is Shirouo no Odorigui which is very popular in Japan. Shirouno are very small and transparent fish that are eaten alive, they wiggle around in your mouth before you eat them. Besides swimming around in your eggs, fish shirouno will be dropped into a cup of vinegar for people to enjoy while drinking this mixture. Fish and vinegar in a drink? No thanks!

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