Friday, February 2, 2018

Weird phobias

Allodoxaphobia: If you like to voice your thoughts on a particular subject, you may want to stay away from people with allodoxaphobia, or the fear of opinions.

Porphyrophobia: The color purple causes some people to be very afraid and develop this condition.

Arachibutyrophobia: If you’re desperately afraid of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth, you have arachibutyrophobia.

Blennophobia: Unless you’re in a science fiction movie, you probably won’t come into contact with slime, but some people are afraid of it anyway.

Cardiophobia: Although the heart is your lifeline, some people are afraid of it.

Coprastasophobia: Some people are actually terribly afraid of becoming constipated.

Didaskaleinophobia: If you’d rather skip class, just claim this phobia, which refers to the fear of going to school.

Nomatophobia: This phobia refers to the fear of names.

Lipophobia: The fear of fats in food may be blamed on the red meat scare of 1977.

Hormephobia: Hormephobia refers to a person’s fear of experiencing shock, which is probably made more likely after an anxiety attack.

Sesquipedalophobia: This term refers to the fear of long words, and seems like a cruel joke.

Phobophobia: This condition is described as a rare disorder and refers to the fear of having a phobia.

Hellenologophobia: Confusing, highly technical terminology — including Greek terms — make those with hellenologophobia anxious.

Cymophobia: It’s understandable that some people might be afraid of waves, but this phobia also refers to the fear of "wave-like motions."

Pteronophobia: The idea of being tickled with feathers is upsetting for those with pteronophobia.

Optophobia: Opening one’s eyes is just too stressful for some individuals.

Albuminurophobia: This very specific phobia refers to the fear of kidney disease.

Aeronausiphobia: describes this phobia as the fear of vomiting due to airsickness.

Amychophobia: People who suffer from amychophobia — the fear of scratches — are probably very protective of themselves and their skin.

Anklyophobia: Some people are actually afraid that their joints will stop working, and this fear is called anklyophobia.

Blood-injection-injury type phobia: This odd phobia group includes trypanophobia (the fear of injections); hemophobia (the fear of blood) and the fear of invasive medical procedures.

Body dysmorphic disorder: Also referred to as BDD, this body image disorder causes people to imagine that they have or will develop physical deformities.

Ataxiophobia: The fear of not being able to use your muscles properly is called ataxiophobia.
Injury phobia: If you’re afraid of being injured, you have injury phobia.

Syphilophobia: One hopes that having a fear of syphilis would inspire more responsible romantic encounters.

Chemophobia: Those who get too carried away with organic diets or going green may be at risk for chemophobia, a condition that refers to the fear of all chemicals and preference for natural elements.

Rhypophobia: People who are afraid of defecation have rhypophobia, and are at risk for other health problems.

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