Saturday, November 10, 2018

We find an article that causes dismay

I decided to respond to reasons to not date an atheist.

Before you begin reading, I just want it to be known that this is just satire; if you believe in ‘God’ that’s fine. However, unless you are dating someone whom shares your religious beliefs, it really shouldn’t matter what beliefs your partner shares. If you care about this person and want to be with them, you will accept both their strengths and their flaws. Religion shouldn’t be the only reason you date someone, otherwise you are the most shallow person on Earth.  

God won’t be the center of your relationship.
[God shouldn’t be the center of your relationship! Unless you two are okay with it, I don’t see why this is necessary. In fact, the center of your relationship should be you and your partner.]
God should be the center of everything, including a relationship. Couples and families are supposed to pray together.
[The only time this is mandatory is if both people share similar beliefs. However, if you find yourself in love with someone who doesn’t believe, you have to accept them for who they are if they are accepting your beliefs in return. It’s a two way street here!]
It’s what keeps the union strong. Imagine dating someone who doesn’t care for a hobby or an interest you’re passionate about. Don’t you want to share that hobby with the person you may spend the rest of your life with?
[This is why you have friends to share those hobbies with. The person you are dating may try to participate with you in the hobbies you love, but if they don’t find them enjoyable like you do it’s fine. But it’s pretty shallow to dump someone for something so petty.]
Well, God should be at the top of your list of passions, and if the guy you date doesn’t care about the most important entity in your life, where will that lead?
[Well, it’s going to lead to you being alone unless you date someone with similar beliefs as you. ‘God’ can be at the top of your list and the end of your list, the middle wherever! That shouldn’t be the only reason you are dating a person. Otherwise you are very shallow when it comes to dating.]

There’s no guarantee that a nonbeliever will become a believer.
[The only time this is acceptable is if the person you are dating is interested in sharing your beliefs and wants you to go more in depth. However, if you do so happen to date a non-believer than that’s fine as well. But please don’t make it your mission to convert that person because that will ruin your relationship. You want to accept someone for their strengths and flaws; so what if you don’t share similar religious views. That shouldn’t be the only reason to date someone it’s shallow for fuck sake!]
Oftentimes, we’re so in love with someone that we will set aside our differences, or worse, we’ll vow to change the guy, right? Wrong! Never plan to change any guy to fit you. Sure, maybe your faith will inspire him to find Christ, but what if it doesn’t? Then what?
[You accept that person for whom they are and stop this endless bullshit!
And even if he does find Christ, there’s no guarantee that he will become a devoted believer who desires to know, love and serve Christ as you do. There are more Christians in this world than there are true believers. Your guy may just become a Christian in name.
[So far all I’ve gotten from you is that you want someone to be a devote Christian and even if you convert the person into similar beliefs, they aren’t ‘Christian’ enough only by name. I can’t understand why it’s so important for someone to be a ‘Christian’ or why you can’t date a non-believer. If you care about this person and want to spend your life with them, and they are willing to accept your beliefs you should be able to accept their lack of belief. It’s not hard!]

It will be difficult to do God’s will with a nonbeliever.
[No, not really! You and your partner can share many things you enjoy doing. It doesn’t mean that you have to be a Christian to enjoy them. Secondly, what do you mean by God’s Will? This is just stupid, sorry but even I have my limits.]
If we date nonbelievers, how is God’s will to be done together? You’ll have to do God’s work alone. You’ll feel uncomfortable talking about God and your guy may feel left out when you’re hanging with your Christian friends.
[This is why you have your friends; you talk to them about your religious beliefs. Secondly, you shouldn’t make your partner feel uncomfortable because your partner wouldn’t do the same to you if the situation was in reverse. This is so ridiculous! It’s like oh no my boyfriend is an atheist and all my friends are Christians. He’s going to feel so awkward when we talk about ‘God’. Talk about other things! I mean you do have other hobbies right? Or is God the only thing you are capable of talking about? No wonder you’re fucking single! No one wants to sit and talk about ‘God’ all day no matter how much of a devote you are.]
When a couple is not fully devoted to God together, there may be disagreements or compromises about faith. But worse, a nonbeliever won’t support you in doing God’s will, and may even convince you to turn away from Christ altogether.
[The only time this becomes an issue is when you try to enforce your beliefs onto someone else. I understand that religion maybe important to you, but unless you find someone with the same priorities this is just ridiculous. You won’t see eye to eye on many things as a couple, but that’s normal for a relationship. Nothing is perfect! It’s like you just want a puppet to say ‘yes’ to everything you desire, no difference of opinion and of course we atheists are terrible people. We want to pull you away from your god. There are nonbelievers who do date those who believe and respect their beliefs and vice versa. Why is this such a hard concept for you? Seriously!]

Your marriage won’t be as successful as God intends it to be.
[Your marriage is only a successful if you make it that way. God cannot fix your problems and he isn’t fixing your problems, you are!]
 If you, as a devoted believer, decide to marry a nonbeliever, your marriage won’t be focused on God. And when you’re not focused on God, your marriage will be a struggle.

[This is the most fucking awful thing I have ever heard. Your marriage won’t be good unless ‘God’ is in your marriage dictating every aspect of your relationship. What’s the point of marrying someone else when you can just marry ‘God’? You can be focused on ‘God’ and you can worship him every single day, what I don’t understand is why you can’t have a relationship with someone whom is an atheists? All of your excuses are solely based on being taken away from your ‘God’. We atheists don’t give a flying fuck who you worship, it’s when you come and attack us for not believing; that’s when we defend ourselves and that’s when you get mad because we still don’t want to entertain your bullshit. I personally would date someone who believed in ‘God’ but the moment it is being forced on to me to believe that’s when we will have problems.]

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